Friends in the Garden


Listen, Look & Learn

The Worm Squirm

Worms are incredible friends in the garden, but often, they just gross people out.  These cute cartoon worms introduce you to the  fascinating world of earthworms.

Friends in the Garden

Companion planting is a Real Thing!  Eleven-year-old rappers Levi & Edwin give you specific companion plant pairings that you can easily add to your garden. 

Keep it Clean

What does “organic” mean? Keep it Clean teaches kids about using natural fertilizers and pesticides and growing organically to keep their bodies and the Earth clean. 

The Rot Thing To Do

Compost! Start composting with the simple instructions in this song. Composting helps your soil, garden and plants while reducing waste.  It’s The Rot Thing to Do!


Learn to sow a seed and grow a plant. The simple steps are covered in this Bossa Nova-style song. Seeds Soil Water Sun – that’s all you need to grow a plant. 

Eat a Rainbow

If you eat a rainbow you’re getting all the nutrients you need. How do you know you’re eating a rainbow? Listen to this song for all the clues.

Beez Beez

“How to get along with honeybees” is advice you’ll find in this song. After just one listen, you can show off real knowledge about honeybees and impress everyone. Oh, and you can practice your bee waggle while you listen.

Make Non-Dairy Chia Banana Pudding and (Almost) Eat a Rainbow

You can make this delicious and super nutritious pudding in MINUTES. And, make it a rainbow (or half of one) by adding colourful toppings.