Friends in the Garden

We inspire kids to play in the garden


More Green, Less Screen

Get Growing

Turning a black thumb green is easy. We help you master the basics quickly.

Get Creative

Gardening is a science and an art. Music, art projects and kid-friendly healthy recipes help kids enjoy science and explore their creativity.

Get Happy

Exercise, fresh air and good food are the antidote to anxiety and depression. They balance the effects of too much screen time.

Stop Buying Poison Produce

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Gardening Made Easy and Fun!

People forget that humans are animals, We’ve separated ourselves from nature in our everyday lives and that hurts our mental and physical health. For kids, it robs them of precious opportunities to explore, be creative, feel bold and have wonder.

Get outside and live your healthiest and happiest life. We make it easy and fun for you and your kids to connect with nature wherever you live, so the fullness of life is always within reach.


Why They Love Us

“It takes the listener on a musical journey well beyond the garden! This is nothing like the kids music we played for our kids when they were young! I will say it again: wow!”
– S. Kay, Awesome Fan
“Maria has a great voice and her lyrics are original and educational and at times just plain funny!”
– Rae Ann, Awesome Mom
"Maria's Friends in the Garden show appeals to kids and parents alike with jazzy, funky beats and playful lyrics."
– H. Rice, Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
“I love all the songs. I made up a dance for SeedsSoilWaterSun.”
– Alma (age 6)
“I need to get an instrument so I can play along”
– Rowan (age 5)


Just Sprouted!

I interviewed a ladybug to find out exactly what ladybugs want us humans to know. Read the full interview in this week’s NEW blog post. We talk about their spots (is that really how you tell their age?), the surprising things they eat, and how they really feel about being “released” into your garden. Plus, find out which plants they want you to have in your garden.

Learn Gardening with Your Kiddo(s)

Buy the

You get 12 fun, original songs that teach you about planting and things you’ll encounter in the garden.

Learn the

It’s easy! Pick one to learn each week. Download the free lyrics on this site and/or watch lyric videos on our YouTube channel.

Garden with your Kiddos

Learn together as you explore gardening. It can start with a plant in a pot. Keep it simple and fun.

Stop the Pouting and Start Sprouting with Friends in the Garden

At Friends in the Garden, we know you get the importance of connecting kids with nature.  And, you want to be a good guide to your child(ren).  The problem is having ways to inspire them to look up from their screens and actually want to get outside. Don’t let that overwhelm you.

We believe you can be an excellent guide and inspire your young ones to get outside by learning and doing a little bit at a time. We understand you need a way to fit this into your busy life. That’s why we offer quick and fun ways to help you learn with your kids. You’ll master the basics of gardening and discover easy ways to have a greener and healthier household. And we have something for every kind of learner.

Here’s how it works:

Buy Friends in the Garden CD and download the free lyrics so you can stop the overwhelm and start enjoying some quality time with your kiddos learning about healthy food, nature and gardening. Twelve songs means you can learn and apply new garden expertise each week or each month. Our short how-to videos relate back to the songs with fun projects or kid-friendly, healthy recipes.

How to Use
Friends in the Garden Music

You can use the songs to introduce a lesson in any learning environment.

They are fact-based and intended to supplement curriculum. I used them in the classroom like this: I would give the students a prompt such as “I want to know everything you can tell me about the body of a worm”, then I’d play the Worm Squirm  song and they would listen and write down the answers as they came up in the song. They could tell me to pause if they needed to finish writing but no one could speak. I would give points for finding all of the responses that were in the song.

Then we could talk about what they heard and I’d ask “so what do worms do”? I’d play the song again if needed but usually they already knew from listening the first time. This is something I came up with when I taught students 9-11 years old. They LOVED this game! It was also a way to sharpen their listening skills. I’m interested to know what other ideas you have for how to teach with the songs.

Some parents tell me they play the songs while they garden with their kids. It sets a fun tone and makes work more like play.

Some parents play the songs in the car and everybody sings along. You learn a lot from just listening and singing along.

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Friends in the Garden Music


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